1968 National Specialty Best in Show Winner
Champion Weecha's Kimani of Mohrridge, ROM

"The warming rarity of a novice exhibitor taking a green show dog to the top of a major specialty developed at the annual event of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States in the Terrace Ballroom of the Statler Hilton Hotel." So began the headline article of the dog page of the New York Times by reporter Walter Fletcher, February 11th, 1968.

"Liver in color and from the first litter I bred, she became my first champion, and the foundation dam of this line of Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Her name was KIMANI."

Ch. Weecha's Kimani of Mohrridge
Ch. Lamarde Perro Posho A x Mohr's Makanga Weecha, CD