Head Study

Kimani Headshot The AKC breed guidelines state: The Ridgeback head should be of fair length, the skull flat and rather broad between the ears and should be free from wrinkles when in repose. The stop should be reasonably well defined. Eyes-should be moderately well apart and should be round, bright and sparkling with intelligent expression, their color harmonizing with the color of the dog. Ears-should be set rather high, of medium size, rather wide at the base and tapering to a rounded point. They should be carried close to the head. Muzzle-should be long, deep and powerful. The lips clean, closely fitting the jaws. Nose-should be black, brown or liver, in keeping with the color of the dog. No other colored nose is permissible. A black nose should be accompanied by dark eyes, a brown or liver nose with amber eyes. Bite-jaws level and strong with well-developed teeth, especially the canines or holders. Scissors bite preferred. Source AKC Web Site: http://www.akc.org/rhodrdge.htm